About Our Designer

Meet our specialist Violet Reeves. Certified in Advanced International Floral Design and Professional Dutch Floral Design. 

Classic European Floral Design with a Modern Twist

Diverse bouquets and vases for any occasion, we are an online and in-person florist based in Amsterdam. We are committed to delivering unique designs by our in-house certified florist, Violet Reeves. Each arrangement is unique and custom designed for your enjoyment. We love vibrant colours and most of all to have fun with our designs. Some examples of work are included throughout our website but if you need guidance or clarification on our services do not hesitate to contact us. 

Wired Bridal

Shaped Bridal

Funeral Wreath

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Check out our dedicated options or contact us for questions and custom orders. 

We Look Forward to Making Your Day a Bit More Colourful!

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